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Why Phytomer?

Brittany, France is where I was born and where I developed my passion for skin care and beauty.


Phytomer was founded 50 years ago and remains profoundly attached to the Brittany region and its exceptional biodiversity.


Phytomer is dedicated to scientific research of the sea to create skincare for beauty that is healthy, sustainable, and respectful of the skin and the environment.


Phytomer is the perfect fit for our clientele as a pioneer of sea-inspired beauty products.  It is bringing a little piece of Brittany, France into our ocean state community.


we believe in the sea and in the power of its natural ingredients.

We believe the sea’s boundless generosity demands our respect.

We believe in everyone’s right to beauty, in the utmost importance of caring for the skin.

We believe in the science of cosmetic formulation.

We believe that safety and high performance go hand-in-hand.

That quality is our duty and our calling.

That true pleasure is only found with trust and respect.

And because we believe, we create.

For your skin, today and tomorrow."

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