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Spa Facial Treatments

From technical to soothing,
our facials and treatments will make you glow.

Our Facial Treatments

Bleu Marine Signature Facial

Plumping Moisturizing  Treatment
with Organic Algae

A skincare essential that combines high-performance moisturizing

with intense relaxation by pairing luxuriously textured products

and a relaxing massage.

Plumped and refreshed,

the skin regains its soft,

smooth, balanced glow.

60  min                                $120 

Oligoforce Lumiere

Complexion - Dark Spots - Wrinkles Facial

An anti-aging treatment that brightens skin tone, reduces dark spots, and smooths away wrinkles. The perfect pairing of a 20% acid facial peel and a soothing cloth mask that is rich in Oligomer exposant to bath the skin in radiance.

75  min                                $160

Soin Pionnier

Youth Revealing Treatment
Face - Lips - Décolleté

A lifting mask and an ultra-concentrated biotech lotion go together for the ultimate in overall anti-aging performance that restores the skin's youthful glow. The advanced facial massage technique is unparalleled for relaxation and delivers instant visible results.

The custom lip treatment plumps lips and smooths away  wrinkles.

Our self-heating  mud pack is gently applied along the spine for a total relaxation experience that recharges the body's energy.

90  min                                $185 


Blemish Solution  Treatment

A cleansing program that's proven to effectively target blemishes, constant breakouts and inflamed acne for visible clearer, healthier skin and a smoother, fresher complexion, using a self-heating, deeply detoxifying mask.

60  min                                $95

Bleutiful Glow

Youth and Plumping Treatment

When time is precious, this is the perfect option! This treatment reaches its amazing results by restoring the skin's youthfulness and plumps up the skin-Thanks to the combination of a lactic or glycolic peel and an incredibly luxurious mask. The skin is smoother, firmer and glowing.

45 min                                $150
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