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Our Body Treatments

Our targeted treatments and massages will keep your body and mind in healthy form

Our Slimming and Contouring Treatments

Phytomer Sculpt Zone (301027767).jpg

Sculpt Zone

Target Treatment for Abdomen-Bottocks-Thighs

A light dry exfoliation, a targeted massage, and  a next-generation thermo-sculpting wrap melt away flab and cellulite in record time.

The slimming results are dramatic.

60 min                                  $160

PHY P5 Treatment Model (301027450).jpg

Soin Minceur P5

Massage and Full Body Wrap With Algae Jam

A full-body contouring spa treatment that combines a toning massage with a sea-fish algae wrap to refine curves, reshape, and tone.

90 min                               $180

Experience a Targeted Contouring

               Anti-Cellulite CURE

Phytomer Sculpt Zone (301027767).jpg

Cure Cellulite & Rondeurs Ciblées

Four  Sculpt Zone Treatments

A radical anti-cellulite cure with 4 contouring sessions that visibly slim down body's curves.


PHY P5 Treatment Model (301027450).jpg

Cure Minceur Globale Haute Performance

Four P5 Slimming Treatments

The P5 slimming program and reshapes the body's contours.


Our Well-Being Massages


Detox Back Massage

Back Treatment

An Ultra-relaxing and unwinding massage of the back and scalp, exfoliation, combined with detoxifying marine products for deep cleansing.

40 min                                    $110

Phytomer Treatment 10 (301013730).jpg

Sea Holistic

Relaxing Massage with Boluses  - $170
Relaxing Massage with Boluses & Exfoliation - $190

Through soft effleurage strokes, targeted pressure, and stretching, this Thai-inspired massage eliminates area of tension one by one using the gentle heat of warmed linen bundles, filled with Marine Salt Crystals and Lavender buds. A sea salt crystal exfoliating scrub restores skin's natural softness. Gradually, your mind surrenders to an overall sense of well-being and long-lasting replenishment.

60 min                                    $170

90 min                                     $190

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